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    Anti-Brexit demonstrators protest outside Parliament as British PM Theresa May was attending Prime Minister's questions in London, Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018

    More and More Britons Realize 'What Bullies the EU Are' - Political Commentator

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    The UK Prime Minister faces a crisis over a challenge to publish Britain’s legal advice on Brexit Britain is reportedly set for a constitutional crisis Members of Parliament are calling for the UK government to publish the full legal advice or face the consequences.

    Labour say Theresa May doesn’t want to publish the advice as they believe it would admit that her deal will tie the UK to European Union customs rules indefinitely. The government lost another minister Sam Gyimah on Friday who quit saying the government needed to release the advice to restore trust in politics.

    Sputnik spoke to Political Commentator Bob Lister about the crunch week ahead for Brexit.

    Sputnik: Interesting week ahead for the Brexit deal- what do you make of the government not publishing the legal advice?

    Bob Lister: Well clearly the attorney general’s report should be published in full otherwise what they are hiding.

    We’ve had Olly Robins now saying he’d warned the PM against a backstop arrangement.

    It’s like all rats are leaving the sinking ship.

    Sputnik: With a week to go till the vote, do you think the Prime Minister will get her deal passed?

    Bob Lister: We know Jeremy Corbyn is Eurosceptic but is he being driven by Kier Starmer now to have a second vote. What’s the point of a second vote, we’ve already had a vote and the vote was remain or leave. We won the vote to Leave. That’s what we should do if we can’t get a deal, we should just leave.

    Sputnik: What will happen if and its looking likely that Theresa May loses the vote?

    Bob Lister: According to Gina Miller the government has to have a no Brexit, her actions stop them not having a no deal Brexit, so who do you believe, it’s difficult. We don’t want a general election; I personally think we need a caretaker PM, whether it’s David Davis, Boris Johnson or whoever.

    We need a caretaker PM who will come with a new chancellor; Jacob Rees-Mogg would make a great chancellor. We need to weed out people like Mark Carney or as I call him Mark Carnage who just keep giving us project fear. In fact it’s all these people who were and are remainers who stopped us getting a good deal, because they have lobbied and lobbied the EU constantly.

    The EU thinks right the UK is in disarray, we can take them to the cleaners. That’s what they are doing, they are bullying us, and they are humiliating us. I think more and more people who voted remain now want to leave; now they realise what bullies the EU are. With Macron with his problems in Paris and Merkel with her problems in Germany, they realise the future of the EU Isn’t as rosy as they first thought.

    Views and opinions expressed in this article are those of Bob Lister and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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