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    If the sexual misconduct allegations surrounding US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh are deemed credible, it's the end of the road for the Washington, DC, native, Heidi Boghosian, the executive director of the A.J. Muste Memorial Institute and the former executive director of the National Lawyers Guild, told Sputnik.

    Both Kavanaugh and his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, are set to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee on September 24 to publicly testify over allegations that the Supreme Court nominee assaulted Ford at a school party when they were both teenagers.

    ​Boghosian told Radio Sputnik's Loud & Clear on Monday that the allegations shed light on an established culture within preparatory schools where young men are raised to believe that they can get away with anything, including sexual assault.

    "I think we're in for more revelations and details from [Ford] about what occurred that night," she told hosts Brian Becker and John Kiriakou. "And I think its a pattern that we've seen… young men, boys brought up to think that they can get away with rape, sexual assault: actions that should be punished, but that they can do with impunity in these private, elite institutions."

    "It's a defining moment for Republicans," Boghosian said, before noting that Kavanaugh could get the boot should the allegations be found credible by members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    Although Ford initially intended to not come forward as the woman behind the allegations, she changed her mind recently, which led to her sitting down and talking with The Washington Post for an article published Sunday. In the article, she recalls how Kavanaugh pinned her down and attempted to remove her clothing as a his friend, Mark Judge, drunkenly looked on, turning up the music in the room to prevent others from hearing her protests. Kavanaugh, who Ford says was intoxicated, also covered her mouth.

    "I thought he might inadvertently kill me," Ford told the Post. "He was trying to attack me and remove my clothing."

    Although Ford was able to get away from the pair and hide out in a bathroom before making her way home that day, the incident stayed with her for years. She ultimately decided to reach out to her representative, Anna Eshoo (D-CA) and US Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) in July after news of Kavanaugh's nomination revived the old memories. Kavanaugh was a student at Maryland's Georgetown Preparatory School, and Ford attended another prep school, Holton-Arms.

    "What we're seeing… is kind of an X-rated version of the ‘Animal House' film, where this kind of ‘boys will be boys' behavior has escalated to criminal conduct that literally has altered the direction of the victim's life," Boghosian told Becker. "To come forward, the cost that women really have to bear… the cost is enormous. This woman's life is never going to be the same; she will be trashed by many in the court of public opinion and vilified as a Democratic operative."

    According to the executive director, this is also a defining moment for the #MeToo movement. "Are they going to take up the mantle of this particular issue and really press our elected officials to listen, instead of having the kind of scenario we did decades ago with Anita Hill? Let's see something change in this instance," she said.

    Amid the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in 1991, lawyer Anita Hill came forward and accused the then nominee of sexual harassment. However, despite the allegations and other women who attested to Thomas' workplace behavior, he was eventually confirmed.

    "This is our moment to address [the prep school culture] and to not allow that privileged ‘boys will be boys' mentality to carry over, and certainly not to the high court, where this is going to affect women's lives for decades," Boghosian said.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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