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    Tensions have recently escalated between the CSU and Angela Merkel's CDU party after they failed strike a deal on changes to Germany's open-door policy. Merkel's allies have given her a two-week deadline to solve the migrant row. Sputnik has discussed the ultimatum with Dr. Dirk Spaniel, a member of Bundestag from the Alternative for Germany party.

    Sputnik: Do you think that Ms. Merkel is going to be able to fulfill the CSU's ultimatum on migrants

    Dirk Spaniel: Personally, I don't think that is her intention… We do have, in Germany, a ridiculous situation. We have the European policy, which is even under the votes of the CSU members and the European parliament (the new Dublin IV regulation), which says that almost everybody who knows someone in Germany can come into the country legally. This is a new regulation coming up at the end of June, and it is even supported by CSU members.

    So, CSU members voted for it in the European Parliament. They have an almost unlimited migration policy. In Germany, CSU members are saying they want a limitation. And the situation is completely ridiculous if you look at it from the higher level, because it is only a show for the Bavarian votes, Bavarian election in fall. So, we don't have a dispute with the CDU and the CSU. This is just for the public. In the European Parliament, there's no difference between the parties.

    Sputnik: Doctor, and what options does Ms. Merkel have and what solution can she propose?

    Dirk Spaniel: We don't think there'll be some substantial solution. There will be something for the media, they'll have some sort of compromise. In reality, the European regulations will come into action by the end of June, and with the new regulation, there's no limitation of migration. Do you know the Dublin IV regulation? This is a very new regulation. If you have some anchor person in Germany, which means a friend, or a spouse, or someone else you know, you can come to this country. Almost everyone can come to this country legally. So, what sense does it make to have some limitation of people coming to this country on a very low level, which is policy by the CSU proclaimed right now. We've opened the door, we don't have to put a plate in front, [saying] "Don't enter." So, it doesn't make any sense.

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    Sputnik: Doctor, and what will happen if in two weeks' time Ms. Merkel doesn't provide any solution?

    Dirk Spaniel: As I told earlier, I don't think that there will be some substantial change even if she proclaims that they have some sort of agreement with the CSU. The CSU agreement is not that hard that it fulfills our program. The AfD program is "No one enters this country, who doesn't have the right to enter this country. So, no one comes to this country, we shut the borders." This is our policy. The CSU policy in this program says that if you register in some other European country, you cannot enter Germany. This is a difference. And if you don't have a passport with you, no one knows that you have been registered in some other country. So, in reality, the CSU policy is virtually a proclamation that you have a limitation of migration, but in reality it's nothing. Whatever sort of compromise will not change migration policy in Germany. I don't think this is something of substantial difference between both parties. It's just for the public, for the Bavarian election. This is my personal opinion and the opinion of the majority of the people in our party. We don't expect some drastic changes in the policy. It's just for the public that they set up a dispute for the Bavarian election.

    Sputnik: Doctor, some experts have noted that the potential appointment of Minister Sommer to head the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees is an indication of a shift in Germany's stance on the migration issue. Do you agree? 

    Dirk Spaniel: As I told you earlier, all real laws and all real votes in the European Parliament by the CSU members, which are not that much in the public as in Germany (because it's in Brussels), didn't give any hint of change in migration policy. I don't see what the intention is. I know that they have to set down or set up a showdown for the Bavarian elections, but it's a show. All of it is a show. In reality, they have no change in migration [policy].

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    Sputnik: After the refugee crisis erupted, we've seen numerous reports saying that due to slow demographic growth, Europe actually needs migrants in order to meet its economic needs. What are your thoughts of that, doctor?

    Dirk Spaniel: Of course, you need some sort of young people coming into jobs. We have the jobs here, in Germany, and other parts of Europe. We need to have some younger people stepping into these jobs. But we're an industrial country, and we need people who really can fulfill these jobs. The people who come from Africa don't have the qualification to work in Germany ever. This is a completely wrong way. What we need from the AfD proclaim is that we need some sort of immigration law. We need some sort of program which gives qualification points if you have some sort of special qualification, education, or experience in your job. You can come to this country as long as you have a job here and you'll get a visa and you can virtually migrate to Germany. Those are the people we're looking for. We don't need to have people living on our social system. This is what actually happens.

    The views and opinions expressed by Dirk Spaniel are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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