23:53 GMT04 August 2020
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    While the expert community, journalists and politicians have been debating over what Merkel’s policy will look like after the upcoming vote, there is one special topic that the mainstream media apparently just cannot put aside, and, as you might have guessed, it is Russia.

    Germany is holding nationwide elections on Sunday, September 24, and there is almost no intrigue in this race. Incumbent Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to storm to victory for the fourth term.

    Nonetheless, a number of MSM publications have recently emerged, speculating on Russia’s alleged attempts to influence the election results.

    For the MSM, the entanglement and at the same time absurdity of the situation is that their longtime cultivated obsession with "Russian meddling" in Western elections has finally backfired.

    This media machine was baptized by fire during the 2016 US presidential campaign and then the presidential election in France in 2017. Now, it seems unstoppable even if journalists themselves are admitting the absence of facts and evidence.

    A picturesque example is a recent New York Times article entitled "German Election Mystery: Why No Russian Meddling?" According to the newspaper, just days before the vote, there is no sign of Moscow attempting to meddle in the German electoral process.

    "The Russians have done something few expected: they have largely disappeared. … The websites of the campaigns and major news media outlets are operating like normal," the article read.

    In fact, the only "mystery" is why such publications are still there, as a number of similar publications have recently emerged, including by The Guardian, The Daily Beast and others.

    The answer, however, is simple. The MSM have done their best to make "Russian meddling" one of the most overblown stories ever, and now even if there is nothing related to Russia in the German election the compulsion is just irresistible.

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