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LIVE UPDATES: The West Wants to Return Africa to Colonialism, Russian Defense Minister Says

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The event brings together defense ministers, heads of international organizatons, and experts and think-tank representatives from all over the Earth.
Sputnik brings you a live broadcast from the Avangard center for military-patriotic education in the Moscow region where the Tenth Moscow Conference on International Security began on Tuesday, 16 August.
Held annually since 2012, the conference brings together defence ministers, heads of international organisations, as well as non-governmental experts and think-tank representatives from around the world.
This year, the agenda of the conference traditionally focuses on global security and on security issues in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America, in particular.
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07:01 GMT 16.08.2022
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12:49 GMT 16.08.2022
Plenary session No. 3 Underway
The agenda of this session features security-related topics in Africa and the Middle East.
10:38 GMT 16.08.2022
Plenary Session No. 2 Underway
It focuses on security in the Asia-Pacific Region.
07:59 GMT 16.08.2022
Plenary Session No. 1 Begins
The participants of the session will discuss the topic of global security in a multilateral world.
07:40 GMT 16.08.2022
In Latin America, US Tries to Strengthen Influence and Involve Region's Countries in Confrontation With Russia and China - Shoigu
07:39 GMT 16.08.2022
Shoigu: The West Wants to Return Africa to Colonialism by Imposing Military Pressure on Sovereign Countries and Supporting Separatism and Terrorism
07:35 GMT 16.08.2022
Transfer of Nuclear Training Practice From Europe Within AUKUS Framework Will Blow Up Asia-Pacific Region, Perhaps This is Goal of the US - Shoigu
The use of NATO developments on joint nuclear training within the AUKUS alliance is not excluded, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Tuesday, adding that it will "blow up" the Asia-Pacific region.

According to the minister, the AUKUS alliance has the potential to develop into a military-political union. It cannot be ruled out that NATO's developments in joint nuclear planning and joint nuclear training of the allies will be transferred to this region.

"The transfer of the practice of nuclear training from Europe will blow up the region. Although it can be assumed that this is precisely the goal set by the United States," the minister said at the Moscow security conference.
07:34 GMT 16.08.2022
Shoigu on AUKUS: As Soon as Australia Gets Nuclear Submarines, Pandora's Box Will Be Open and Global Nuclear Arms Race Will Resume
07:29 GMT 16.08.2022
Shoigu: Russia Fulfilling Obligations Under New START Treaty
07:26 GMT 16.08.2022
Finland's and Sweden's Accession to NATO Requires Revision of Russia's Defense Strategy - Shoigu
07:21 GMT 16.08.2022
Shoigu: Speculation Russia Is Allegedly Preparing to Use Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine is 'Absolute Lie'
The minister said that such allegations are designed to divert public attention from the US' prohibited military-biological activities on Ukraine's territory.
07:17 GMT 16.08.2022
Russia's Special Military Operation in Ukraine Marked End of Unipolar World, Defense Minister Shoigu Says
07:16 GMT 16.08.2022
Security Situation in Europe is Worse Than During Cold War, Shoigu Says
07:15 GMT 16.08.2022
Shoigu: Global Security System Is Changing Dramatically, US and Allies Have Lost Their Dominance
07:12 GMT 16.08.2022
Russian Defense Minister Shoigu Addresses Moscow Conference on Int'l Security
07:11 GMT 16.08.2022
Putin: Pelosi's Visit to Taiwan was Well-Planned Provocation Aimed to Destabilize Situation in the Region
07:09 GMT 16.08.2022
Era of Unipolar World Order is Doomed, Putin Says
07:08 GMT 16.08.2022
Russian President Vladimir Putin - Sputnik International, 1920, 16.08.2022
Putin: Collective West Purposely Destroying European Security System, NATO Moving East
07:07 GMT 16.08.2022
Putin: US Trying to Prolong Conflict in Ukraine
07:03 GMT 16.08.2022
President Putin Addresses Moscow Conference on Int'l Security by Videolink
07:01 GMT 16.08.2022
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