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Russia's Special Military Operation in Ukraine

Russia's Special Military Operation In Ukraine
John and Michelle talk about recent military strikes by Russia in Ukraine and discuss the long-run implications of a potential occupation of the country.
Peter Oliver, journalist and RT correspondent in Berlin, joins the show to talk about how Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine, with the goal of demilitarizing and denazifying the government there. Michelle and Peter talk about how diplomacy has failed to resolve security concerns long held by Russia, which has escalated tension and led to military conflict.
Mark Sleboda, international affairs and security analyst, joins the show to talk about Russian President Vladimir Putin's early morning announcement and the sanctions against Russia that followed. They talked about how Western sanctions target Russia which include freezing Russia’s financial assets. They discuss the potential impact it could have on businesses and individuals living in the region and how much pain will be felt beyond Russia’s borders?
Dan Lazare, journalist and analyst, meets up with the Misfits to talk about the economic state of flux now that Russia has moved into Ukraine, Will there be a global energy shock? They also talk about the Russian electorate. How do Russians feel about military action and occupation of Ukraine? Does it help Putin with voters? And what will Putin decide to do with Western parts of Ukraine once the breakaway republics are secured?
The Misfits sign off for today. We will be back tomorrow in this space to bring you the latest news and analysis.
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