4 Years Since You Are Gone: SM Artists Remember SHINee's Jonghyun

© Photo : SHINee/TwitterSHINee's Jonghyun
SHINee's Jonghyun - Sputnik International, 1920, 18.12.2021
SHINee's Minho and Key, and Red Velvet's Yeri shared photos to commemorate one of the brightest stars on the K-pop scene.
SM Entertainment artists, colleagues, and friends have paid tribute to Jonghyun on the fourth anniversary of his passing on 18 December on Instagram.
SHINee as a band is well-known among K-pop fans for their family-like relations, so it was not a surprise when Jonghyun's co-member Minho posted photos accompanied with words full of love. He writes that he misses Jonghyun every day and he has a lot of pictures together with his hyung (the word for older brother or male friend in Korean), but these are the last to have been taken. He also added that it is not a cold day, since his hyung is always by his side and promised to always love him.
Key, another bandmate from SHINee, posted a funny video featuring Jonghyun, writing "i miss you ! really" under the post.
SHINee's official accounts on social networks were also updated in remembrance of Jonghyun, with a photo of the artist performing his song 'Blinking Game' at one of his 'THE AGIT: (The Letter)' solo concerts held in 2017.
Red Velvet's Yeri, who is managed by SM Entertainment as SHINee, posted photos of herself and Jonghyun having fun together on her Insta stories. Yeri, who was close to Jonghyun, also warmed the hearts of K-pop fans and especially Shawols (the official name of SHINee's fandom) as one of her stories showed her listening to his song 'Shinin'.
Jonghyun's close friend Nine, a vocalist for indie group Dear Cloud, updated her Instagram with a heartfelt post. "The world without you is still going, everyone is missing you," she wrote. "Just like you were a kind and warm person, I will be that kind of person too."
A cheerful and bright person on stage, known for his unique vocal abilities, Jonghyun left behind a huge legacy of several solo albums - apart from SHINee's large discography. Under SM Entertainment, a company widely known in the K-pop industry for limiting its artists, Jonghyun was the first to have the freedom of oeuvre: he wrote lyrics, composed music and produced songs. He tried various genres solo and along with SHINee.
Jonghyun committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning in 2017. His death sparked a wave of public discussion on mental health in South Korea, as the singer had been suffering from severe depression. In a suicide note, he wrote, “I was broken from the inside. The depression slowly chipped me away, finally devouring me. I could not beat the negativity. I hated myself. Even though I tried so hard demanding my memories that kept getting cut off to 'wake up,' all I got in return was silence. I‘d rather stop if I cannot breathe."
This undated picture released by Yonhap news agency in Seoul on December 18, 2017 shows Kim Jong-Hyun, singer of popular K-pop group SHINee - Sputnik International, 1920, 09.01.2018
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His tragic passing made him a member of the grim so-called "27s club", he and other musicians such as Amy Winehouse and Jim Morrison passed away at age 27.
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