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’Karen in the Air’: Watch Woman Preach About Pandemic Via Microphone During Midflight

© REUTERS / Hayden Smith / @speedbird5280Пассажирский Boeing 777 авиакомпании United Airlines летит в горящим двигателем над Денвером
Пассажирский Boeing 777 авиакомпании United Airlines летит в горящим двигателем над Денвером  - Sputnik International, 1920, 19.10.2021
The choice of time and place was definitely wrong, and though the woman claimed to have good intentions, she nearly drove her fellow passengers mad.
An unknown woman became an online personality after a video of her preaching about the COVID-19 pandemic on board a plane went viral.

The ’preacher’ even brought her own microphone so that fellow passengers could hear her, as she ranted, ”I brought my microphone, I’m going to use it. The pandemic started because humans have lost a little bit of faith.”

“This is my microphone and you can’t take it. I tried borrowing yours, you don’t want to let me use it,” the woman is heard telling the flight attendants who are desperately trying to calm her down.
While her identity remains unknown, the woman was quickly dubbed ’Karen’ due to her persistent desire to catch everyone's attention and prove her point.
“I don’t need to be cuffed, I’m completely harmless. I think you’re all enjoying this because like I said I’m not terrible to look at,” she stated.
“My dog has better sense than any of you,” the woman added as the flight attendants took her away.
The footage dubbed "Karens in the Air" first emerged on TikTok after pop musician Jawny who was on board the same plane shared it with his followers.

“Karens in the air,” one user reportedly commented under the post. “We call em Airens.”

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