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‘Perhaps You Remember Your First Edible’: Brian Williams Zinger After Montage Gets Internet Rolling

© AP Photo / Andrew TothNBC Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams has apologized for making false statements about his experiences in Iraq.
NBC Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams has apologized for making false statements about his experiences in Iraq. - Sputnik International, 1920, 23.09.2021
MSNBC journalist Brian Williams had viewers in stitches on Wednesday night after closing out his show “The 11th Hour” with an incredible zinger.
At the end of the hourly news show on Wednesday, Williams finished up with a montage created by video news outlet The Recount that featured clips of particularly irate speakers from community forums, school boards, and other public-oriented government events across the country.
“People like to say, and I think a good many of us still like to believe, that local board meetings are still the backbone of our country. Town and city council meetings, PTA [parent-teacher association] meetings, school board meetings. But you know what's happened in so many of our communities? Masks happened. Vaccines happened,” Williams said.

“And perhaps you don’t follow your local news anymore and it’s tempting to pass it off as just in the ‘red states,’ but it’s hard to find a jurisdiction anywhere where the anti-vaxxers haven’t objected to a public health measure of late. Well, the folks over at The Recount put together some of the most vocal and, frankly, the most imaginative,” he continued.

The 93-second video featured a cast of mostly unnamed everyday Americans - although US Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) also makes an appearance - furiously raging about school mask mandates, vaccines, and various other pandemic-related issues, generally with a very creative interpretation of the facts.
After the video was over, Williams signed off with an epic mic drop by asking viewers: “perhaps you remember your first edible?”
Some netizens loved the zinger, while others pointed out that their unhinged ravings weren’t typical reactions to taking marijuana edibles.
"’My first edible’ stories usually involve misjudging the dose, and lying on the living room rug, giggling and communing with the dog,” one user wrote in response to Williams’ joke. Others said it was clear the MSNBC host had never actually done an edible before.
Indeed, it wouldn’t be the first time Williams has claimed to do things he hasn’t. In 2015, the then-NBC Nightly News host was forced to apologize after fancifully embellishing a story about a US Army helicopter crash-landing in Iraq with him on board in 2003 after coming under fire from a rocket-propelled grenade. In fact, Williams arrived at the scene about an hour after the event took place, having never been on the chopper.
In the aftermath of the revelation, several other incidents Williams claimed to have been a part of or witness to were also proven to have been embellished or were outright false, including a suicide inside the New Orleans Superdome after Hurricane Katrina in 2003 and being at the Brandenburg Gate the night the Berlin Wall came down in 1989.
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