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13 US Marines and Over 170 Civilians Dead After Suicide Bombing In Kabul

13 US Marines and 95 Afghans Dead After Suicide Bombing In Kabul
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas & Shane Stranahan talk about the very real fears of mega-intelligent super-machines & learning algorithms, the increasing threat of ISIS-K*, the overruling of the eviction ban by the Supreme Court, and the lasting political impact on the American failure of the Afghan withdrawal on Biden’s record.
Roman Yampolskiy - AI safety and security researcher and professor of computer science and engineering | Artificial Intelligence 
Garland Nixon - Sputnik political analyst and the host of The Critical Hour | The Narrative America Needs Against the Taliban* 
Margaret Kimberly - Senior columnist and editor for Black Agenda Report | Can Biden Outlive Afghanistan?
In the first hour, Roman Yampolskiy joined the show to talk about the advancements of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and if people need to be worried about the safety of such smart computers.
In the second hour, Fault Lines was joined by Garland Nixon for a discussion on the benefit of pulling out of Afghanistan even after a strong display by ISIS-K in a double bombing outside the extremely packed Kabul airport. Garland also talked about the Supreme Court decision to contradict Biden’s extension on the eviction ban.
In the third hour, Margaret Kimberly joined the conversation to talk about meta-politics behind the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. The discussion also brought up this withdrawal as a black spot on Biden’s record, but is there still enough time in his presidency for it to be swept under the rug?
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*The Taliban and ISIS-K are terrorist groups banned in Russia.
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