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US Post Office Spying on Social Media, Cuba gets New Leader; Jobless Claims Down

US Post Office Spying on Social Media, Cuba gets New Leader; Jobless Claims Down
Civil liberties proponents are alarmed as reports point to a USPS covert operation called "Internet Covert Operations Program" (ICOP) that spies on social media accounts.

Caleb Maupin, journalist and political analyst, joins us to talk about this week's important stories. The US is playing dangerous games that flirt with nuclear disaster and the American people are woefully unaware of the danger. Also, President Biden needs to abandon the Cold War confrontation with China in order to adequately address the issue of climate change.

Dr. Jack Rasmus, professor in the Economics and Politics Departments at St. Mary's College of California, joins us to discuss several important issues related to the economy. Jobless claims have hit an all-time low for the pandemic. Is the bump in jobs a temporary benefit of the stimulus package, or is the economy waking up from its year-long slumber? Also, officials from several powerful nations are meeting to discuss climate change and the final day will focus on innovation. 

Dr. Jehan "Gigi" El-Bayoumi, professor of medicine and founding director of the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences' Rodman Institute, and Dr. Yolandra Hancock, a board-certified pediatrician and obesity medicine specialist, join us to discuss the latest coronavirus news. A US panel will be meeting today to discuss the future of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, as blood clot issues continue to raise concern. Also, many healthcare workers are considering leaving the profession due to overwork and burnout from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ajamu Baraka, former VP candidate for the Green Party, and Netfa Freeman, host of Voices With Vision on WPFW 89.3 FM, pan-Africanist and internationalist organizer, join us to discuss issues in the Global South. Raul Castro has retired from his position as Cuban leader and is being replaced by long-time ally Miguel Diaz-Canel. Also, Haiti fights back against colonialism, and Juan Guaido steals over 150 million dollars from Venezuela's funds.

Ray Baker, political analyst and host of the podcast Public Agenda, and Jim Kavanagh, a writer at The Polemicist and CounterPunch and author of "The American Farce Unravels: Shreds of January 6th," join us to discuss critical stories for the week. Civil liberties activists are extremely alarmed as multiple reports have come out exposing that the United States Postal Service is involved in a covert operation that monitors social media posts. Also, Vice President Kamala Harris is moving forward with a questionable strategy for addressing the migrant crisis, and America refuses to spend the nominal amount necessary to end homelessness.

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