Chauvin's Blue Wall Crumbling, IMF Calls for Wealth Tax

Chauvin's Blue Wall Crumbling, IMF Calls for Wealth Tax
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan talked about the soft war the West is waging in Ukraine, the blue wall cracking in the Derek Chauvin trial, the investigation into Matt Gaetz's alleged sex crimes, gun rights and gun safety, and the IMF's calls for a wealth tax.


Stephen Lendman – Author and Geopolitical Analyst | Battleground Ukraine

Garland Nixon – Sputnik Political Analyst and the Co-Host of The Critical Hour | Blue Wall Crumbling Around Derek Chauvin

Ted Rall – Political Cartoonist & Syndicated Columnist | DoJ Investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz on Alleged Sex Crimes

Maj Toure – Founder of Black Guns Matter and Former NRA Member | Biden's Executive Actions on Guns

Prof. Richard Wolff – Professor, Host, and Author | IMF Calling for Wealth Tax, What Would It Take to Remove Poverty in the USA?

In our first hour, we were joined by Stephen Lendman to discuss the perils of the accelerating military conflict in Ukraine and what the West actually wants from the conflict.

In our second hour, we were joined by a trio of guests. Starting with Garland Nixon, we spoke about the Derek Chauvin trial as this week a series of law enforcement officers came out against Chauvin. We were next joined by Ted Rall to discuss the DoJ's investigation into Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, how men think and talk about women in our society, and the strong political motivations behind the media's coverage of the allegations. We followed this up with a conversation with Maj Toure on the history of gun restrictions in America as Pres. Biden is today set to announce executive actions on gun control.

In our last hour, we were joined by Prof. Richard Wolff to talk about the IMF's calls for wealth taxes being implemented around the world to repair economies on the other side of COVID-19 - and how the funds from those taxes would be used by governments seeking them. We turned next to the question: what would it take to remove poverty in the United States? Wolff answered that we'd need to see big boosts to incomes, a change in the kinds of jobs people get and how they see their lives fitting into society, and a significant shift in the ownership of workplaces.

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