Mute Button for Next Debate? Just What Our Democracy Needs

Mute Button for Next Debate? Just What Our Democracy Needs
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan gather additional perspectives on last Tuesday's presidential debate. In the midst of a pandemic, universal healthcare should be front-and-center.


Laith Marouf - Award-Winning Multimedia Producer and Media Policy Consultant | Ridiculous Censorship on FB Continues

Garland Nixon - CoHost of The Critical Hour | Debate Recap

Carmine Sabia - Writer and Editor at Large at | State of Election 2020

Wyatt Reed - Sputnik News Analyst and Producer for By Any Means Necessary | DC Protestors Rally Over Breonna Taylor Indictment

James Carey - Editor and CoFounder at GeoPoliticsAlert | Saudi's Exploit Child Soldiers in Yemen

During what is arguably the most historic year the United States has ever experienced, social media sites are censoring more than ever. Disability Broadcasting Policy and Regulation expert Laith Marouf joins the hosts from Beirut to outline his battle with censorship. Recently, he was banned from Facebook for 30 days, two separate times. His second ban came 10 minutes after his account was restored from the first ban.

The first Presidential Debate of the 2020 elections left voters on all sides concerned for the future of the oval office. Right-winged writer Carmine Sabia gives his take on which policy issues should take center stage.

Breonna Taylor was building a great life before it was ended at the hands of police. At this time, prosecutors have decided to indict only one officer, not for killing Breonna, but for endangering her neighbors. Sputnik News analyst Wyatt Reed reports on the DC protests in response to the indictment.

When the US president says a country is a national threat, the response should be why. Instead, the American population seems to ignore the catastrophic effects that are a result of sanctions and US military action. Editor of GeoPoliticsAlert James Carey exposes the human toll of war. For example, Saudi Arabia's exploitation of child soldiers in Yemen. 

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