Joe Biden is Officially The Nominee

Joe Biden Is Officially The Nominee
On today's episode of Fault Lines, hosts Shane Stranahan and Jamarl Thomas discussed issues ranging from the news of the day to Joe Biden officially receiving the Democratic Party’s nomination to the nature of Zionism to a detailed explanation of how the Magnitsky Act kicked off the Russiagate frenzy.


Ted Rall - Political Cartoonist & Syndicated Columnist | The Democrats Betrayed Progressives

Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro - Speaker & Author | Zionism and Judaism 

Lucy Komisar - Investigative Journalist focusing on corporate and financial corruption | Russiagate Started With The Magnitsky Act

In Jamarl’s first hour monologue, he said he is done watching the Democratic convention because it is weird, hypocritical, and isn't addressing the issues he cares about. Then they were joined by progressive author and cartoonist Ted Rall, who likened Joe Biden to an inert gas, saying that since the Democrats are putting their hopes entirely on an anti-Trump agenda, Trump himself has become the active ingredient. Ted predicted the race would tighten heading towards election day. 

In the second hour, the hosts were joined by Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro, who explained why he and other ultra-Orthodox Jews believe that Zionism and allegiance to the state of Israel is profoundly anti-Jewish. He discussed the early history of the Zionist movement and the loathing that its leaders had for Judaism and how for Zionists the modern state of Israel has explicitly replaced Judaism itself. He also explained how he believes the blurring of the lines in the media, which is trying to discuss Israel as a religious issue, is purposeful and designed to keep any solutions to the problems in the Middle East from happening.

In the third hour, the hosts were joined by investigative reporter Lucy Komisar, who did a deep dive into the connection between the Bill Browder story and Russiagate. Lucy said she considers Bill Browder and the Magnitsky Act to be the first pillar of Russiagate, even though the Magnitsky Act law was originally passed in 2012. She went over the history of tax evasion by Bill Browder that led to the Russian government expelling him and to the eventual arrest of his accountant, Serge Magnitsky. Lucy laid out the gaping holes in Bill Browder's story and showed how he had political connections among both Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate and showed how it relates to the current round of sanctions that the US is imposing worldwide.

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