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Exposing Social Media, Expelling Chinese Students, Looting America

Exposing Social Media, Expelling Chinese Students, Looting America
Protect and serve: Amy Klobuchar’s history with Minneapolis’ killer cop is emblematic of the liberal position on police violence.

Phil Stinson, professor of criminal justice at Bowling Green State University and the principal investigator for the Henry A. Wallace Police Crime Database, reminds the Misfits that the ugliness of police violence exists, day in and day out, and only rises to public consciousness occasionally. The blatant disregard for life shown by the officer who killed George Floyd pulls the curtain back on a cop culture that supports violent street justice and deliberately generates a fear of black people. Officers with troubled histories escape the consequences of their violence daily, and progress in breaking through the thin-blue-line culture is slow. People have a right to be angry, he says.  

Dr. Marvin Weinbaum, director of Afghanistan and Pakistan Studies at the Middle East Institute, explains that there’s still debate over when and how to pull out of Afghanistan, despite Trump’s desire to leave that war behind. And with an election coming up, nothing is set in stone. He also explains that peace and ceasefires aren’t necessarily components of the “exit agreement” the US has with the Taliban. The Taliban, however, is behind the latest ceasefire, which is a PR ploy and covers for the fact that it’s actually the Afghan government making all the latest concessions.

Walter Smolarek, Sputnik news analyst and producer of Loud and Clear, describes the relationship between Hong Kong, China and the US, and whether the US really is going to change its economic relationship with Hong Kong. The US is definitely taking steps to bar Chinese students, a hysteria consciously cultivated by the US intelligence community. They also discussed North Korea’s rational nuclear deterrence and Pyongyang’s role in Asian geopolitics.

Misfit hosts Bob Schlehuber and Jamarl Thomas also discussed the latest unemployment numbers and the US’ huge economic contraction, the million-dollar lifeboats CEOs will escape this crisis in, Trump’s executive order on social media, and the coming US charges against Venezuela’s first lady.

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