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FBI Spills 9/11 Secret, Post-Russiagate Foreign Policy, Viral Silence

FBI Spills 9/11 Secret, Post-Russiagate Foreign Policy, Viral Silence
Radical centrism fails in California, and are we surprised? The Democrats’ failure to lead is having the predictable down-ballot impact.

Dr. Dave Ragland, senior Bayard Rustin fellow at the Fellowship of Reconciliation and co-founder of the Truth Telling Project, spoke with hosts Bob Schlehuber and Jamarl Thomas about the havoc COVID-19 is wreaking in America’s prisons, why this suffering is being ignored, and what processes our huge prison populations serve. Genocidal is not too strong a term for these rates of incarceration and this lack of care during the pandemic, he argues. The three break down the willful ignorance of American society at large, the history of experimentation on black people in the US and who else Washington, DC, decides doesn’t matter.  

Author and human rights and labor lawyer Dan Kovalik joined to discuss the travesty of the case against Michael Flynn and the tussle now over dropping the charges against him. He explained the barriers preventing international law from being used effectively to achieve justice, and, closer to home, how the US’ dysfunctional democracy rigs the political and economic systems against workers and the poor. Seventy percent of the US population wants Medicare for All, 70 percent of the population want to stay at home until COVID-19 is better under control. But the will of the people is completely ignored on Capitol Hill. The question now is, revolution or reform?

John Kiriakou, CIA torture whistleblower and co-host of Loud and Clear, explained just how badly the FBI messed up in accidentally releasing the identity of a Saudi official suspected of directing support to 9/11 hijackers. Mussaed Ahmed al-Jarrah supervised the work of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, a controversial ministry to start with. What Jarrah is described as having done would have needed the permission of his boss, the ambassador, and the ambassador’s boss, he said. Kiriakou blows up the idea that Riyadh and Washington are best buddies. He also notes that this release might not be the “mistake” it’s made out to be, and what role President Trump might have played in it.  

The fellows also tore into the Democrats’ new Heroes plan, how rising prices will affect consumers and the murder of Breonna Taylor by Kentucky cops.

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