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The Link Between Obesity and Covid-19

Cardiologist and author, Dr Aseem Malhotra joins Jon Gaunt and examines the concept that there's a link between type two diabetes, obesity, and COVID-19.

The UK is experiencing the devastating effects of COVID-19 and has the highest death toll in Europe now and Dr Malhotra explains there's a very strong link between conditions like type two diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and increasing death rates from COVID-19."

He thinks the elephant in the room is that we should really be discussing the root of all of this, which is essentially excess body fat driven by poor diet. He goes on to say, "more than half of the British diet now is ultra processed food which is essentially junk food."

He is not saying that having type two diabetes or being obese causes COVID-19 but what he does say is that you're going to get a worse bout. If you end up in intensive care, your odds are shorter on whether you're going to get out of there successfully.

He goes on to say, "current NHS guidelines haven't caught up with the science. What I would say though, interestingly, is now guidance suggests for type two diabetes, specifically, that a low carbohydrate diet is a safe and effective option, but the problem is it's not well publicized."

Dr Malhotra stuns Jon when he says the public aren't aware that the guidance is not independently formulated and companies like Coca Cola, Kellogg's, Pepsi, McDonald's, etc influence the guidance. He says "they are not there to look after your health, they're certainly not there to protect you from getting type two diabetes or obesity, in fact, the opposite in a way because they want to make money by selling you more food. The question is, why are they involved in making up what's supposed to be independent guidance? And that for me that is the real scandal."

Don't miss this eye opening episode.

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