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Brexit is About the People Versus the Establishment

“Boris is the best we have got and we must get behind him otherwise democracy is in great peril.” Says former UKIP and Tory MEP David Campbell Bannerman who is Jon Gaunt’s guest on Shooting From the Lip.

David jumps straight into the debate about Boris’ performance this week in the Commons and he does not believe that Boris should apologise for his ‘surrender’ language. In fact, he believes that, “It is entirely down to the people who don’t want Brexit that we have such a poisonous atmosphere in politics today.”

“He did not lie to the Queen; the law was quite clear until the Supreme court made up a new law.”

David also states that the Supreme court is increasingly political and “he worries what effect that will have on our Constitution.”

On politicians facing abuse from the public he is clear, “They deserve public anger the public is getting fed up of this rotten Parliament.”

“The idea that it is all Boris fault is nonsense. We have had three years of not respecting democracy but Boris is doing the right thing, trying to get a deal and get us out of the EU.

“I don’t think the language is too bad, we should never forget Jo Cox as it was an attack on all of us, the intemperate language has mainly come from the opposition talking of coups and dictatorship and with the Lib Dems singing about the death of Blair at their conference.”

David blames them for the toxic atmosphere as they, “see Boris as a real threat…they realise that Boris will in the election and will win well.”

He believes the MSM are out to get Boris even the Sunday Times and the FT want a Corbyn Government. The media has been pretty appalling.”

“They are fighting back in every way and using every dirty trick in the book and the BBC have lost all idea of impartiality over Brexit.”

He believes that if the Tories do not deliver a proper Brexit by October 31 Nigel Farage would clean up in a general election or at least split the vote, “we need a Leave alliance.”

He thinks there are advisors in Number 10 who are holding a pact with the Brexit Party but he thinks, “that Boris would be pretty amenable to an election pact.”

This is cracking interview with a man who knows all the main players in this week’s political soap opera.

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