Puerto Rico Gov't Under Siege With Hundreds of Thousands on the Streets

Puerto Rico Gov. Under Siege With Hundreds of Thousands on the Streets
On today's episode of Loud & Clear, Brian Becker and John Kiriakou are joined by Bob Schlehuber, a Sputnik News analyst and the producer of the Sputnik News show By Any Means Necessary, which is on 105.5 FM and 1390 AM in the Washington DC area from 2:00-4:00 pm every day.

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló, who has been buffeted by massive demonstrations since news leaked that he had used misogynistic and homophobic language about other politicians and popular Puerto Rican personalities as well as mocking hurricane victims, announced over the weekend that he would not seek reelection in 2020. But that’s not good enough for demonstrators, who are continuing their protests and are demanding that he resign immediately.

British Prime Minister Theresa May demanded today that Iran release a UK-flagged oil tanker that it had seized late last week in the Strait of Hormuz. She said the ship was seized under “false and illegal pretenses.” But the British continue to hold an Iranian tanker that they seized a week earlier off the coast of Gibraltar. And they took that action at the behest of National Security Advisor John Bolton. Dr. Zeinab Ghasemi, a professor of American studies at the University of Tehran, joins the show.

Ukranian President Volodymir Zelensky’s party is projected to win a majority of seats in the country’s 450-seat parliament. It would be the first time since Ukraine’s independence in 1991 that a party has won an outright majority. But what does that mean for foreign policy, especially toward NATO and Russia? Brian and John speak with Bruce Gagnon, a contributor to Foreign Policy In Focus, and Jeremy Kuzmarov, a professor of American history whose latest book is “The Russians Are Coming, Again: The First Cold War as Tragedy, the Second as Farce”.

President Trump welcomed Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to the White House today for the first time. The two have engaged in Twitter feuds in the past, but they agree on the need for continuing negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban. Brian Terrell, a long-time peace activist and a co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, joins the show.

Monday’s segment “Education for Liberation with Bill Ayers” is where Bill helps us look at the state of education across the country. What’s happening in our schools, colleges, and universities, and what impact does it have on the world around us? Bill is out today and Derek Ford, an assistant professor of education studies at DePauw University and a community organizer whose latest book is “Education and the Production of Space,” joins Brian and John.

In this segment, The Week Ahead, the hosts take a look at the most newsworthy stories of the coming week and what it means for the country and the world, including the ongoing protests in Puerto Rico; the acceleration of tensions between Europe, the US, and Iran; and Robert Mueller’s testimony on Wednesday. Bob Schlehuber, a Sputnik News analyst and the producer of the Sputnik News show By Any Means Necessary, and Sputnik News analysts and producers of this show Nicole Roussell and Walter Smolarek, join the show.

Monday’s regular segment Technology Rules with Chris Garaffa is a weekly guide on how monopoly corporations and the national surveillance state are threatening cherished freedoms, civil rights and civil liberties. Web developer and technologist Chris Garaffa joins the show.

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