Psychological Aspects and Implications of RussiaGate

The Psychological Aspects and Implications of RussiaGate
On this episode of Fault Lines, host Garland Nixon is joined by Producer's Eric Ladny and Kameran Evans to talk about how the RussiaGate narrative and Mueller Investigation impacted both the public and political system from a psychological perspective. How were people's emotions manipulated, and what will be the lingering effects of this saga?


Teodrose Fikre — Co-Founder of The Ghion Journal | The RussiaGate Game and Opposition to President Trump

Elbert Guillory — Former State Senator from Louisiana | Jussie Smollett Plays His Get Out of Jail Card; Was Justice Served?

Phil Giraldi - Former CIA Case Officer and Army Intelligence Officer | How Far Will the White House Go to Re-Elect Netanyahu?

Julie Kelly — Writer and Former Political Consultant | Who is Complicit in the RussiaGate Collusion Hoax?

With the conclusion of Robert Mueller's investigation being a victory for President Trump, one interesting assertion is that the RussiaGate narrative may have been beneficial to Trump and the implementation of his policies this entire time. Teodrose Fikre, Political Analyst & Co-Founder of The Ghion Journal, joins today's show to talk about this possibility and how the Mueller investigation drew attention away from Trump's actual policies and the actions of his Administration.

In an unexpected turn of events, all criminal charges have been dropped against actor Jussie Smollett by prosecutors in Chicago. Elbert Guillory, a Lawyer and former State Senator from Louisiana, returns to Fault Lines to give his take on this surprise move and to discuss how the US criminal justice system oftentimes serves the wealthy and poor in different ways.

Since coming into office, President Trump has been undeniably pro-Israel and a big fan of Israel's current Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Former CIA Case Officer and Army Intelligence Officer Phil Giraldi joins today's program to talk about Netanyahu's potential upcoming re-election and the likelihood that the Trump administration could take major geopolitical action which would assist Netanyahu at the polls.

One group that eagerly bought into the RussiaGate narrative was the #NeverTrump Republicans who also opposed candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 election cycle. Julie Kelly, a Writer and Former Political Consultant, joins the show to discuss how these individuals are reacting to the lack of collusion in the Mueller Report and to give her thoughts on some of the major disconnects between the Republican Party Establishment and grassroots Republican voters.

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