The 'War Party' and the Path Forward with North Korea

The 'War Party' and the Path Forward with North Korea
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss how both the Democratic and Republican Party establishments in Washington DC favor pro-war policies and regular foreign interventions. How will this DC foreign policy consensus impact what comes next from the Trump administration regarding policy towards North Korea?


Doug Henwood - Journalist and Radio Host | Has the Trump Administration Been Good for the Economy?

Brandon Weichert — Writer & Geopolitical Analyst | Challenging 'The War Party' and Neoconservatism

Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro — Speaker & Author | Understanding Zionism

Niko House — Political Activist & Broadcast Journalist | Will Tulsi Gabbard Gain Traction in the Democratic Primary?

William Craddick — Founder of Disobedient Media | The Path Forward with North Korea following the Hanoi Summit

There are mixed opinions about how the policies of the Trump administration have impacted the US economy and job prospects for American workers. Journalist and radio host Doug Henwood joins the show for the first time to give his thoughts on how to interpret different economic statistics and the overall strength of our current economic system.

Much of the political establishment in Washington DC favors a hawkish foreign policy that is regularly willing to aggressively intervene in foreign affairs and global hotspots around the world. Writer and geopolitical analyst Brandon Weichert makes his first appearance on
Fault Lines to talk about how many groups in DC profit from foreign interventions and why Tulsi Gabbard is offering a fresh perspective on foreign policy heading into the crowded 2020 Democratic Primary race.

Comments made by freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar about America's relationship with Israel have sparked conversations about the history of both Zionism and anti-semitism. Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro joins Garland and Lee on today's show to discuss the history of Zionism, media treatment of anti-Zionist Jews, and the relationship between Israel and Jewish people around the world.

Last night, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard took part in a CNN Town Hall where she fielded questions on a variety topics and looked to showcase how her Presidential platform differs from that of her Democratic opponents. Political activist & broadcast journalist Niko House returns to the show to give his take on her performance at this event and how her campaign has been developing thus far.

For the final segment, Garland and Lee are joined by William Craddick, founder of, to discuss where relations between the US and North Korea are headed following President Trump and Kim Jong-un's recent summit in Hanoi, Vietnam. What are the main goals of the Trump administration with regards to North Korea, and how influential will neoconservative voices such as John Bolton be in determining the administration's next policy moves in this area?

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