The Magnitsky Act - Its Foundational Roots and Purpose

The Magntisky Act - Its Foundational Roots and Purpose
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan take an in-depth look at the genesis of the Magnitsky Act and how it has been subsequently covered by various media entities. Experts Alex Krainer and Lucy Komisar both join today's show to add their knowledge and understanding about the Magnitsky affair to this conversation.


Alex Krainer — Author of "Grand Deception: The Browder Hoax" | Understanding the Genesis and Purpose of the Magnitsky Act

Lucy Komisar - Investigative Journalist who Focuses on Corporate and Financial Corruption | Discussing the Bill Browder/Magnitsky Saga

Annette Bosworth M.D. — Internal Medicine Physician & Author | What Happened to those New Year's Resolutions… Dr. Boz's Top Tips for 2019!

John F O'Donnell — Political Corespondent on 'Redacted Tonight' | Political Comedy and Modern Outrage Culture

The recent indictment of Natalia Veselnitskaya has brought reporting about the Magnitsky Act back into the mainstream media news cycle. Hedge fund manager and author Alex Krainer has written one of the definitive books about the Magnitsky Act and the narrative that has been sold by Bill Browder. Krainer joins Garland and Lee on today's show to discuss the ultimate purpose of the Magnitsky Act and why Browder has been successful in manipulating how western media reports on this story.

Following up on their conversation with Alex Krainer, the hosts are joined by investigative journalist Lucy Komisar to talk more about the facts of the Magnitsky affair and what she has learned during her time investigating the story and the words/actions of Bill Browder. Who actually uncovered fraud in the Magnitsky case, and why haven't more journalists gone to the original documents to understand the truth of the Magnitsky case?

We are now over a week into 2019, and many people have already slipped up with their New Years Resolutions. Annette Bosworth aka Dr. Boz returns to Fault Lines to give her top tips for starting the New Year off right which includes taking small incremental steps towards improvement rather than trying to do too much at a time.

For the final segment, John F. O'Donnell, a political correspondent with the show Redacted Tonight, joins Garland and Lee to discuss the state of comedy and how the industry has changed in recent years. Has outrage culture altered comedy for the worse, and is there a potential whiplash effect coming due to frustration with political correctness targeting comedians?

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