Shutdown Day 18: President Trump to Address the Nation...

Shutdown Day 18: President Trump to Address the Nation...
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss the ongoing government shutdown and their expectations for tonight's Oval Office address by President Trump. Will the President announce major unilateral action regarding the Southern Border, and could this lead to the lengthy shutdown soon coming to its conclusion?


John Hoge — Author & Blogger at | Alabama Election Interference: Links to Brett Kimberlin

Elbert Guillory — Former State Senator from Louisiana | Border WALL Showdown: Who in DC Blinks First?

Jim Jatras — Government and Media Relations Specialist | Ukranian Orthodox Church Moves to Separate from Russia

William Craddick — Founder of Disobedient Media | British Intelligence Infiltrates 'Voice of Europe'

Recent reporting has revealed that there were Democratic political operatives engaged in deceptive activities during the 2017 Alabama Senate Special Election between Doug Jones and Roy Moore. Author John Hoge has been following this story and made a connection to Brett Kimberlin aka "The Speedway Bomber" which he will explore further with Garland and Lee on today's program.

The government shutdown has reached its 18th day, and President Trump will address the nation tonight from the Oval Office about the status of the shutdown and funding for his proposed southern border wall. Elbert Guillory, a former State Senator from Louisiana, joins today's show to talk about both the current gridlock in Washington DC and his expectations for President Trump's upcoming address.

The Orthodox Church of Ukraine has moved to separate itself from Russia furthering the ongoing tension between Russia and Ukraine. Government and Media Relations Specialist Jim Jatras joins Garland and Lee to discuss this story and the influence that the US government may have had throughout this process.

For the final segment, the hosts are joined by William Craddick, founder of, to discuss his recent article about intelligence officials infiltrating the 'Voice of Europe' media outlet. How pervasive has the infiltration of media organizations by security services and intel agencies become, and why has independent media been slow to cover this important story?

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