Poland's Christian Dream, Australia's "Foreign Agents", Bibi-Erdogan Row

Poland’s Christian Dream, Australia’s “Foreign Agents”, Bibi-Erdogan Row
We begin this week by explaining the geopolitical importance of Hungary requesting that the OSCE send a special monitoring mission to Ukraine’s western region of Transcarpathia.

Then we discuss what a soft power masterstroke it was for Iranian President Rouhani when he publicly gave Saudi Arabia two clear conditions for the resumption of bilateral relations. After that, we talk about the increasingly personal feud that's escalating between Turkish President Erdogan and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Once that's done, the next topic of analysis is Australia implementing its own US-influenced "foreign agents" legislation to supposedly guard against China. And finally, our top story of the week is how new Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki's dream to make Europe Christian again represents the official emergence of a conservative-religious ideological vision to challenge the EU's liberal-godless one.

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