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Russian MC-21 Airliner to Rival Boeing in Terms of Fuel Efficiency, Comfort

The new Russian passenger plane MC-21-300 has successfully completed a flight with its landing gear retracted, in line with the company flight test program.

Photo of the MC-21's first flight - Sputnik International
Russia Reveals What the '21' in Its New MC-21 Airliner Really Stands For
On Monday, Irkut Corporation President Oleg Demchenko said that his company's brand-new MC-21-300 jet airliner flew with its landing gear retracted. 

"Today we made an important step forward: the MC-21 plane performed a flight with the landing gear retraction and extension. This allows us to proceed with new and more complex modes of flight testing," he said.

Demchenko is head of the Irkut Corporation delegation at the 2017 Paris International Air Show, which kicked off at Le Bourget on June 19.

The delegation's main task is to negotiate with potential buyers of the MC-21 as well as engage in talks with partners within this program.

© Sputnik / IRKUT Corporation/Marina Lisceva / Go to the photo bankPresentation of MC-21-300 mid-range aircraft at the Irkutsk Aircraft Plant. File photo
Presentation of MC-21-300 mid-range aircraft at the Irkutsk Aircraft Plant. File photo  - Sputnik International
Presentation of MC-21-300 mid-range aircraft at the Irkutsk Aircraft Plant. File photo

According to Irkut's press service, the MC-21 is a medium-range passenger airliner and comes in standard and short versions: the MC-21-300 with a capacity of 132-163 passengers, and the MC-21-200 (165-211).

The MC-21 is a twin-jet airliner, developed by the Yakovlev Design Bureau and produced by Irkut.

The first MC-21-300 was unveiled on June 8, 2016 and made its maiden flight on May 28, 2017.

In an interview with Sputnik, Viktor Pryadka, head of the Avintel Aviation Technologies Alliance, specifically focused on the plane's distinctive features.

"The MC-21 is a direct competitor to all modifications of the Boeing-737 family and the Airbus A-320 models. The MC-21 is more comfortable due to the fact that its fuselage has a larger diameter, which in turn allows for wider seats. This is something that will be an advantage in terms of comfort," Pryadka said.

According to him, the MC-21 incorporates the latest in the field of airframe, engine and avionics systems technology in its design, including a composite wing design, which improves fuel efficiency.

"Additionally, the aircraft will be powered by foreign or Russian-made engines, in line with the customer's demands. This is also a competitive advantage," Pryadka added.

MC-21 on the assembly line at Irkut - Sputnik International
Russia Showcases MC-21 Mid-Range Airliner for 1st Time in Brazil
He said that the MC-21 will undergo a series of additional tests before it is mass produced.

"It will take up to three years to complete the certification test program pertaining to the MC-21. This will add significantly to the plane's competitiveness," he pointed out.

"During these tests, some adjustments to the aircraft's design will be made and characteristics declared by the developer during the test flights will be confirmed," Pryadko concluded. 

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