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2016: The Death of Mainstream Media

2016: The Death Of Mainstream Media
The passing year proved to be a total mess for the so-called "mainstream" or "respectable media", which failed in its partisan campaigns against Brexit, Donald Trump, and other important events, thereby losing more trust among the public than ever before.

Instead of being an impartial observer of domestic and international affairs like it's supposed to be, the media turned into an active participant in all sorts of developments by lobbying so hard on behalf of the establishment, which resulted in it dramatically falling out of favor with the masses.

Whereas the mainstream media might have been lauded in the past as a source of objective truth and thought-provoking criticism, it's now been reduced to the tabloid-like level of peddling conspiracy theories about Russia in order to explain its stunning failure to convince people to vote against Brexit and Trump.

After lying about Iraq's "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and nearly everything related to the "Arab Spring" and the War on Syria, it might be only natural then that Brexit and Trump proved to be the last straw in pushing the citizenry to reject mainstream media once and for all.

Igor Pellicciari, professor, Higher School of Economics in Moscow and LUISS University in Rome (studio guest), Fred Weir, Moscow correspondent, Christian Science Monitor, and Chris Shipler, American political commentator, joined us to discuss the issue.

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