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Trump Versus Clinton: No Boy Girl Contest

The battle for the US presidency is not about issues anymore. Trump versus Clinton is all about hope versus being misled some more.

November’s presidential election will be a milestone. For the first time in history the “issues” matter less than the credibility of the candidates. Come election day Americans will vote for a leader who is more or less likely to betray them. Donald Trump stands to win based largely on the unknowns about him. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton’s biggest edge is status quo leftist lethargy. For those concerned about the issues that grip our world, the situation is grim. Never before has so much been wagered in order to force mediocrity down our throats.

The New York Times wants Hillary Clinton to be president. Every editorial printed in the newspaper these days cajoles the readership to lean toward the former Secretary of State and First Lady. With the first debate looming, the most recent propaganda bit attempts to inform of the rift between these candidates’ ideals. Writers Patrick Heals and Alexander Burns grab the unsuspecting political junkie with; “First Clinton-Trump Debate Is Framed by Rifts Over Race and Gender”. The title tells all any die hard Democrat all he or she needs to know. So they don’t even have to scroll on your smart-phone to read – the mighty NYTs lays out Hillary’s strategy for you. Tuning in to the debates will be a redundancy, unless you want to see how Donald Trump fences with Clinton as she points the finger at him. The question every voter should be asking is; “Since when did the media help run a presidential campaign?”

This debate, and this election has very little to do with race, gender, or even foreign policy. The point of this election is not to focus on what Americans want and stand for, but whether or not we will stand idly by and sell our country down the river. The choice here is not a woman with far left leaning liberalism in her heart, versus a raging bull of a right wing conservative. This election is a test of our determination, or intelligence, our traditionally held hope for the future – it’s litmus for doing away with what our forefathers believed in.

For many people in my country, this is a battle between a known female political criminal – and a loose cannon of a man who is an basically an unknown political quantity. Hillary Clinton cares nothing for people of color in America or anywhere else, let’s not be naïve here. She could also care less for the rights of women. After all, she’s helped Arab nations that treat women like dirt beneath the feet of their men folk. Her contribution to world chaos also tells us, she’s only a black widow spider’s maternal instinct. Millions of children are homeless, wounded or dead today, because of strategies Hillary Clinton helped foment.

As for Trump, it’s fair to say he’s just the eternal patriarch, maybe even a tyrannical one for all we know. Either candidate’s tender loving kindness toward blacks or Hispanics is circumspect, so let’s move on New York Times. You are just trying to set the stage to help Hillary, go on and admit it. The bottom line in this presidential election will be public perception as always. On the issues neither candidate really shines. Clinton’s credibility and honesty issues are a PR nightmare, and the ominous and revelations just keep coming. Just her email nightmares spell “crooked” for everyone I know, but her involvement in allegedly using her State Department status in dealing with foreign nationals on business should have landed her in court.

There is literally no room in my story here, to begin to list the former Secretary of State’s circumspect dealings. It’s easier, even acceptable at this point, to just call her a crooked politician. Whitewater to the Libya mess, the Uranium deal with Russia, the accounting at the Clinton Foundation, Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street ties – Clinton is the poster girl for all that is bad in government. And then we have Trump.

If you think I am delusional about the New York Times helping Hillary, the editorial board has proclaimed it in “Why Donald Trump Should Not Be President”. At the other end of the support base spectrum for Clinton, Millennials are a telling facet of her campaign. This story on CNET by by Chris Matyszczyk frames nicely the “America” we have become. Though the author probably did not intent it, showing the selfish obtuseness of Hillary’s biggest fan base is really frightening.  In the story Tweet showing a crowd with its back to Hillary taking selfies is emblematic. Matysczyk hammers what he labels “a catastrophe” with:

“Increasingly we prefer to be seen with each other, instead of looking at each other. We live not to be there, but to be seen to be there.”

Clinton’s biggest support base is a catastrophic problem, and this is not simply my Baby Boomer view. The debates, the election is not about issues, it’s about celebrity and who likes whom. A Fox News panel discussed the debate substance and characterized both strategies by saying either candidate needed to avoid a gaff, rather than to win on an issue. A gaff is more damaging than killing Gaddafi or starting the Syria war, funding ISIL or Wall Street collusion!

Then we have Trump, the man who will build a Great Wall of America on the Mexican border. The TV celebrity slash billionaire skyscraper builder who shows up like Ronald Reagan, and shoots off at the mouth. Allegations against Trump amount to nothing compared to Clinton’s trail of tears PR.

A great big wall, a non-position on some issues, gaffs in the wake of Clinton PR disaster, a  #CrookedHillary hashtag and tabloid suggestions Donald and Vladimir Putin are running mates – the mounting diatribe against Trump is schoolyard play compared with the reality of Hillary’s credibility problems. No, no, this debate and this election has nothing whatsoever to do with the issues American faces – all but one. This election is about belief in a proven liar and corporate bedfellow, or the investing hope in the so-far hidden presidential character of one Donald Trump.

Clinton and her New York Times media advisers want girl versus boy, pale versus colored to be the focus of this race. This is in fact the only hope for a candidate up to her eyeballs in scandalous allegations and real impropriety. Like my dear departed Dad would have said of Hillary, I say; “I would not trust her as far as I could throw her”. And he voted Democrat a time or two. As for Trump, he’ll surely carry all the states where being a charismatic big mouth is not detrimental. Regime change and failed US policies, hundreds of millions in donations and secrete emails is up against some gaffs and the potential of Trump and Putin at peace… Some would call 2016 a “no brainer” election year. 

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.

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