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Russians approve of St. George Ribbon campaign - poll

MOSCOW, April 30 (RIA Novosti) - Most Russians approve of the country's annual St. George Ribbon campaign, according to a poll conducted by the SuperJob.ru portal on April 24-27.

On April 24, Russia kicked off its annual campaign in honor of those who fought in World War II.

A total of 79% of Russians, mostly senior citizens, fully approve of the campaign. "We need to remember and cherish the memory of the victory," one respondent said.

Fifteen percent say their attitude toward the campaign was "rather positive," but add that the ribbon should not be worn all year long, but should be removed as soon as the campaign is over to stop it getting dirty.

Three percent of those polled say their attitude is mainly negative. These respondents say that people, mainly young, wear the ribbon for pure decoration and fail to share the organizers' belief in its meaning and significance.

Another 3% say their attitude is "very negative" and that the campaign desecrates the memory of the St. George Cross award.

The poll was carried out among 3,800 adults across Russia.

This is the fifth year of the campaign, started by RIA Novosti and the Student Community youth organization. More than 45 million ribbons are distributed throughout the world, including in Ukraine, Estonia, Germany, Britain, the United States and China.

The St. George Ribbon campaign has become a symbol of people's memory about Russia's sacrifices during WWII. On the eve of Victory Day, May 9, people attach ribbons with black and orange stripes to their car antennas, jackets, backpacks, or beds in hospitals for veterans. Some people do not remove the ribbon for the entire year.

Orange and black are the traditional colors of Soviet and Russian awards for achievements in combat. The black and orange stripes symbolize smoke and fire.

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