Ukraine's Yushchenko within rights to dissolve Rada - analyst

KIEV, July 11 (RIA Novosti) - Ukraine's president can dissolve parliament without violating the constitution, a political expert said Tuesday as political events in the country seemed to be reaching the climax.

The dissolution of the Supreme Rada is becoming an increasing possibility after the collapse of a three-party coalition that drove the 2004 "orange revolution".

Despite the formation of a new alliance led by the pro-Russia Party of Regions and the nomination of leader Viktor Yanukovych for the prime minister's job Tuesday, President Viktor Yushchenko can dissolve the Supreme Rada as the deadline for the formation of a new government expires July 24.

"Although there are no formal grounds for dissolution, they can be found if necessary," said Mikhail Pogrebinsky, director of the Kiev-based Center for Political and Conflict Studies.

The president has 15 days to consider a prime minister's candidacy before submitting him for the Rada's approval.

"The 15-day countdown starts today, so the president can just wait until July 24 to dissolve the Rada without violating the constitution," Pogrebinsky said.

Ugly scenes broke out in the 450-seat Rada Tuesday after the new coalition was announced officially. Deputies from Western-leaning "orange" factions blocked legislative work - mirroring a move made by the Party of Regions at the end of June - after Socialist Party leader and new Rada Speaker Oleksandr Moroz declared a new parliamentary coalition comprising the Party of Regions, the Communist Party and the Socialists.

Political opponents even started two fights in parliament.

"New elections are quite a possibility, as what is going on in parliament is unacceptable," the analyst said adding that a new vote could produce a "more stable configuration."

He said only a union between former premier Yulia Tymoshenko's bloc and the pro-presidential Our Ukraine bloc could preserve the driving force surviving from the 2004 "orange revolution" after the election.

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