Russia to deploy new hypersonic missile systems - Putin


MOSCOW, September 27 (RIA Novosti) - President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that Russia would deploy new hypersonic missile systems that will be virtually invulnerable to enemy defenses.

"We are developing and will deploy new strategic high-precision systems that have no rivals across the globe. These hypersonic systems will be capable of changing the course and height. They will be practically invulnerable, including to air defense systems," the president said speaking on live television and radio, in an answer to the question when Russia would start equipping its army rather than exporting weapons.

Putin also said that Russia would continue providing its army with mobile missile systems, state-of-the-art tanks, new and modernized air defense systems.

"We spend more money on re-equipping Armed Forces than we receive in profits from arms exports," the president said.

He said only a few years ago, Russia did not buy anything for the army.

"A great deal has been done in the past few years to restore the defense industry's financial health," Putin said, adding this included debt settlements and jobs.

He also said that expansion to foreign markets was a way to support Russia's defense sector financially. "If our specialists make it to foreign markets and uphold our interests there, it will be a very good job," the president said.

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