North Korea statement will overshadow euphoria -- expert


XIANGGANG (Hong Kong), September 20 (RIA Novosti, Mark Zavadsky) - North Korea's refusal to end its nuclear program unless the United States builds a light-water nuclear reactor in the country will end the euphoria over the signing of a final document at the fourth round of six-nation talks on the North Korean nuclear problem, an expert said Tuesday.

Peter Beck, the head of the Korean mission of International Crisis Group, an independent non-governmental organization working to prevent conflicts, said many people in South Korea would have to put the corks back in the bottles of Champagne that had been opened to celebrate a presumed breakthrough in the North Korean settlement.

According to Beck, North Korea's statement on the reactor is evidence that further talks on the problem will not be easy. Although he said the statement might have been a mere bluff, he refused to rule out that the motives for it could have been more serious. (more)

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