UPDATE: Russia has overcome crisis after collapse of U.S.S.R - official

MOSCOW, September 5 (RIA Novosti) - Russia has largely overcome the crisis caused by the collapse of the Soviet Union, the deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council said Monday.

Nikolai Spassky told an international security conference in Moscow: "There is now a strategy for transforming Russia into a powerful democratic law-based state with a socially-oriented economy."

He said Russia's main strategic objective was to adapt to globalization and to develop into a modern power.

Spassky said Russia was focusing efforts on establishing a belt of good neighbors along its borders, on fostering cooperation with the former Soviet republics, and establishing interaction with other centers of power, such as the United States, China, India, and the European Union.

"We see no military threat from any direction," Spassky said.

He also said that Russia's role in energy security was growing and that the country's role had "certainly gone beyond that of a energy supplier."

However, Spassky said Russia still faced some security threats. "We have not yet managed to weaken radical Islamic, which is both a factor of domestic and foreign policy."

The high-ranking official also said the decline of Russia's population was a serious problem.

In terms of foreign policy, Spassky said Russia was not interested in chaos in international affairs.

"We are not ready to accept the unipolar world order," he said. "It does not suit us or any other countries. The apparent unilateral foreign policy line of the United states is a serious obstacle that prevents the international community from finding a consolidated response to new threats and challenges."

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