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    October 13 - November 14 calendar

    Onlinenews (archive)
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    The calendar was compiled using open-access sources and contains preliminary information. RIA Novosti is not responsible for the cancellation or postponement of events.


    October 13

    MOSCOW - The Domexpo 13th international real estate exposition (until October 16).

    CHINA - The Shenzhou VI spacecraft with two astronauts aboard will be launched from the Jiuquan space center (the second manned space flight in China's history).

    October 14

    MOSCOW - A session of the Russian Natural Gas Society.

    ZAGREB - The 12th summit of Central European leaders (until October 15).

    October 15

    MOSCOW - Prohibited Films, the fifth film festival of Vysehrad Group countries, organized by the cultural centers of Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic in Moscow and the Russian Union of Filmmakers, will open.

    TEL AVIV - The first festival of modern Russian movies in Israel (until October 18).

    BAGHDAD - A referendum on the new Iraqi draft constitution.

    October 17

    MOSCOW - The World Economic Forum (until October 18).

    MOSCOW - The United Nations Development Program (UNDR) will present the 2005 report on the development of human potential in Russia.

    October 18

    MOSCOW - The Role of Parliaments in Counter-Terrorism international parliamentary conference (until October 19).

    October 19

    KIEV - NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer will visit Ukraine (until October 20).

    BAGHDAD - Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein will go on trial.

    October 20

    KIEV - A two-day session of the Ukraine-NATO commission with NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer.

    MADRID - The eighth forum Moscow-Invest-2005 (until October 23).

    October 21

    ABUJA - Nigeria's Federal Court will hear the case of Russian sailors accused of oil smuggling.

    October 23

    KAMCHATKA, KORYAKIA - A referendum on the unification of the far eastern Kamchatka region and the Koryak autonomous district into a single Russian Federation member.

    VILNIUS - NATO-Ukraine informal, top-level talks (until October 24).

    October 25

    MOSCOW - The second international summit of financial directors organized by the Adam Smith Institute (until October 27).

    MOSCOW - Fashion Week in Moscow, the presentation of spring/summer 2006 collections (until October 30).

    ANCONA, ITALY - A session of the Russian-Italian task force on the formation of Italian-type industrial districts in Russia will be held (until October 26).

    October 26

    MOSCOW - The eighth Eurasian TV forum (until October 30).

    TARANTO, ITALY - Open court hearings on the murder of Russian national Alexander Rozenbakh, 17, by an Italian sailor in a fight on September 11, 2001.

    October 27

    LONDON (Surrey) - An informal meeting between the leaders of 25 EU countries (until October 28).

    October 28

    MOSCOW - The Private Banking conference.

    PARIS - A week of Russian films, organized by the Russian Culture and Mass Communication Ministry and the Pierre Cardin center, will open (until November 2).

    October 29

    MOSCOW - The 11th special congress of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

    October 31

    MOSCOW - The fifth Russian Oil and Natural Gas Week (until November 2).


    November 2

    MOSCOW - The third international conference, Russian Railways on the Transportation Services Market: Cooperation and Partnership (until November 3).

    November 3

    MOSCOW - The National Ecological Awards second ceremony.

    November 6

    MOSCOW - A seminar, How to Become a Gazprom Supplier.

    BAKU - Parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan.

    November 9

    LONDON - The Russian and CIS Oil and Natural Gas annual conference organized by the Energy Exchange company (until November 10).

    November 11

    KHANTY-MANSIISK - The fifth Seagull theater festival (until November 19).

    November 14

    MOSCOW - The Russian Metal Market eighth international conference will open as part of Metal Week in Moscow (November 14-18).