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    TBILISI, April 14 (RIA Novosti's Marina Kvaratskhelia) - Representative of Georgia's Central Election Commission Zaza Gorozia had to leave Adzharia (a Georgian autonomy) last night.

    "About 400 supporters of Adzharian leader Aslan Abashidze forced me out of the hotel in Kobuleti, took the documents for the second round of parliamentary elections due in two districts of Adzharia on April 18, and bundled me off the town," Mr. Gorozia told reporters on Wednesday.

    Earlier, the Kabuleti administration refused to provide offices for the Georgian Central Election Commission's representatives. So the latter had to work in a hotel room.

    The situation in another Adzharian district, Khuloisky, where the second round of parliamentary elections is due to take place, remains complicated. Here a representative of the Central Election Commission, who was in charge of organising the elections, was not provided with polling stations. He has to stay in a private house of a local resident.

    According to the Georgian Central Election Commission, Chairman of the Commssion Zurab Chiaberashvili is leaving for Adzharia to normalise the situation today.

    According to Mr. Chiaberashvili, he will take all the necessary measures to prevent the disruption of the parliamentary elections.

    The Central Election Commission has decided to hold the second round of the Georgian parliamentary elections on April 18 in the Khuloisky and Kobuleti districts of Adzharia, after serious violations were registered in these districts during the parliamentary elections held on March 28.