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    MOSCOW, March 15 (RIA Novosti) - President Putin is not ready to work "on history."

    "We should not be guided by unrealistic ideas that no one understands. We should work for concrete people who live today, for our children and grandchildren who will live tomorrow and the day after tomorrow," Mr. Putin told journalists early Monday morning in his election headquarters.

    Mr. Putin expressed his intention to modernize Russia: "We will act resolutely but we will try to explain each of our steps to the people so that they realize what is being done and why and what goals we are setting by carrying out transformations in the economy and in the social sphere."

    Mr. Putin has not ruled out that there will be people who will not agree with the measures being taken. He promised to direct the government so that no one will not understand what is happening.

    "And if we reach such a system of interaction with society we will be able to do much by relying on the understanding and support of the entire population. But I think it is erroneous to act based on theoretical notions about one's role in history," Mr. Putin said.

    Replying to a question about if the election bored him, Mr. Putin said: "I was not bored because I worked hard. And when a man is engaged in specific work he never gets bored."

    According to Mr. Putin, he conscientiously refused to conduct any special canvassing, as it was important for him to learn how people reacted to his work rather than election stunts.

    "That is why I did not change my style of work that I developed over the last four years and during this election campaign. It was the result that was important for me and I am, of course satisfied with it." Mr. Putin said.

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