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    KIEV, March 2, 2004. (RIA Novosti) - The Ukrainian Prosecutor General's office will not launch criminal proceedings against the Ukrainian Embassy in Germany proceeding from denunciations by Major-General Valeri Kravchenko of the Security Service, former ambassadorial counselor, Gennadi Vassilyev, Prosecutor General, announced in Kiev today.

    His experts did not find corpus delicti in documents General Kravchenko had offered, he added.

    As he appeared on the air in a Deutsche Welle interview, February 18th, Kravchenko alleged that, while working at the embassy, he had received orders to shadow Ukrainian opposition MPs and government functionaries from the ministerial rank up during their sojourns in Germany.

    "I have documentary proof of the Kuchma regime's crimes," he said.

    The Ukrainian Security Service described his denunciations as "sheer absurdity and deliberate provocation".

    As things really were, messages to the embassy did not order Ukrainian political activists shadowed. Kravchenko was ordered to learn who was inviting them to Germany, what kind of negotiations they had and what papers they signed, to say nothing of visit programmes. That was all aboveboard information to secure Ukrainian interests, said Mr. Vassilyev.

    If Kravchenko is found guilty of divulging classified information, the top prosecutor's office will insist on the general's criminal liability, he warned.

    Fired from his job at the embassy, Valeri Kravchenko is staying in Germany as private person. He was dismissed for trespasses of the labour law and ambassadorial regulations, reports Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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