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    * German composer, conductor and pianist Jacob Ludwig Felix MENDELSON-BARTHOLDI (1809-1847), the founder of the first German conservatory in Leipzig (1843) was born 195 years ago.

    * German aircraft designer and industrialist Hugo JUNKERS (1859-1935) was born 145 years ago. In 1915-1916 he produced the world's first metal aircraft with cantilever wings.

    * American writer Gertrude STEIN (1874-1946) was born 130 years ago (story "Three Lives", novel "The Making of Americans", poems, etc.)

    * Prime Minister of Republican Spain (1937-1939) Juan NEGRIN (1894-1956) was born 110 years ago. He established close links with the Soviet Union to fight against General FRANCO's revolt. After Franco's victory Negrin lived in emigration.

    * Ten years ago, in 1994 Ukraine's Supreme Rada ratified the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START-1).


    * Paper money (banknotes) was issued 235 years ago, in 1769, by the order of Catherine II of January 11, 1769.

    * Physiologist Alexei M. FILOMAFITSKY (1807-1849), a founder of experimental medicine in Russia, died 155 years ago. Author of works on blood transfusion. In 1847 Alexei Filomafotsky and Nikolai Pirogov elaborated a method of intravenous anesthesia.

    * Psychiatrist Sergei S. KORSAKOV (1854-1900) was born 150 years ago. The founder of the Moscow Society of Neuropathologists and Psychiatrists, the initiator of Russia's first Journal of Neuropathology and Psychiatry, the author of classical Psychology Course.

    * Physicist, academician, President of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Anatoly P. ALEKSANDROV (1903-1994), a founder of Russia's nuclear energy industry, died ten years ago.

    * The Orthodox Church commemorates St. Maxim the Greek (1475-1556), philosopher, publicist, theologian and translator. He translated religious books into Russian. Maxim the Greek criticized the way of life of Russian clergymen and was exiled to the monastery of St. Joseph of Volokolamsk. In 1988 Maxim the Greek was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church.

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