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    MOSCOW, January 13 (RIA NOVOSTI) - In the course of his official visit to Saudi Arabia president of Chechnya (an autonomous North-Caucasian republic forming part of Russia) Akhmad Kadyrov intends to ask the country's religious leaders to hamper the financing of terrorists, staffer of the Chechen Republic's representation in Moscow, Edi Isayev said on Tuesday.

    "Of course, a request to Saudi Arabia's religious leaders not to give any support and to condemn the actions of the Wahhabit movement (one of the most rigorist radical schools in Sunnism - one of the two (along with Shi'ism) main trends in Islam), and also to prevent financial and other aid to militants and all kinds of extremists in Chechnya will be voiced in the course of the visit," Isayev stated.

    According to him, the myth that a war against the republic's people and Islam is now being waged in Chechnya is currently wide-spread in the Middle East countries. "He (Kadyrov) will tell the audience that not a war against Moslems is being waged in Chechnya. For this purpose, the delegation includes religious figures of Ingushetia, Chechnya and Dagestan. The will say that there are more than 400 mosques in Chechnya now, that there are two Islamic institutes, and the Arabic language is studied at schools, i.e. not a war against Moslems and Chechens in particular, but against terrorists and extremists is under way," the source said.

    He noted that the ideological bias, which has shaped up now, about a war which is allegedly being waged against Islam in Chechnya allows the extremists to receive aid from the Moslem countries, and to set up armed formations under the guise of Islam. "Not only Chechens but also citizens of other states, including Saudi Arabia, participate in these formations," Isayev noted.

    Kadyrov earlier repeatedly expressed regret that some foundations and organizations in the Arab countries gave financial support to the terrorists and extremists in Chechnya. "In the Arab world many people do not know what is taking place in Chechnya. They believe that jihad - a holy war for faith - is being waged here but this is wrong," he stated after his Moscow meeting with Saudi Arabia's prince Abdallah.

    The delegation of Chechnya, headed by Chechnya's president Akhmad Kadyrov, will be paying its official visit to Saudi Arabia from January 15 to 18.

    It will pay the visit at the invitation of Saudi Arabia's crown prince Abdallah ibn abd al-Aziz al-Saud.

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