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    24/7 access to Sputnik newswires

    24/7 access to Sputnik newswires

    Sputniks's newswire terminal is a professional system that provides instant access to news products in English, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic with a friendly navigation and customized data feed settings.

    Sputnik newswires are exclusive news products covering the most important international events and offering opinions that many other media sources do not report on:

    • Each news item is an exclusive report on the international agenda as well as on Russia and the CIS produced by the agency’s correspondents in Russia and abroad

    • The agency’s correspondent network includes over 80 journalists in more than 50 countries around the world

    • We adhere to the exceptionally high demands of our sources’ reliability

    • We provide verified, prompt and unbiased information that can be trusted

    Sputnik news agency, a major new media brand with modern multimedia centers in dozens of countries, was launched on November 10, 2014. Sputnik points the way to a multipolar world that respects every country’s national interests, culture, history and traditions.  Sputnik tells the untold. The agency is uniquely positioned as a provider of alternative news content and a radio broadcaster. 

    Sputnik news feeds in English, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic are available around the clock. Regional editorial offices in Washington, Cairo, Beijing and Montevideo work 24/7 to provide a non-stop newscast.

    For more information and subscription please contact us:

    E-mail: Sales@sputniknews.com