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UN Peace Vote, EPA Takes Control in Ohio, Massacre in Palestine

UN Peace Vote, EPA Takes Control in Ohio, Massacre in Palestine
Another Republican candidate enters the GOP primary, and updates on the Shamima Begum citizenship case in the UK.
International affairs and security analyst Mark Sleboda joins Misfits hosts John Kiriakou and Ben Zinevich to discuss Biden’s meeting with the Bucharest Nine as NATO tries to cover the supplies gap for Kiev, the Chinese Foreign Minister’s trip to Moscow, why Russia has suspended their participation in START Treaties, where the Nord Stream story moves forward after Pulitzer-awarded journalist Sy Hersh’s piece, and a restart of cold war-era ICBM tests.
Ohio resident and medical lab technician Miranda Hemsworth discusses the ongoing fallout of the East Palestine, Ohio ecological crisis, whether Norfolk Southern and various levels of government are responding appropriately to the chemical spill, how the Environmental Protection Agency has responded to these situations in the past, and why the Biden Administration has been so absent on the issue.
Author and journalist Daniel Lazare discusses the widening field in the Republican primary race, how interventionism and isolationism could become a factor in the 2024 Presidential race, Speaker McCarthy providing raw police footage of January 6 riot to Fox News, Trump’s visit to East Palestine in Ohio, what to expect from Georgia prosecutor decisions around the grand jury investigation around 2020 election tampering, the idea of a shortened work week, and increased deaths of despair in the United States.
Human rights activist and author Miko Peled discusses whether the ramping of violence by Israeli forces with a new right-wing government in power, how Palestinians are resisting these escalations in brutality, what to expect from the Israeli government during the holiday of Ramadan, how Israeli society has responded to the right-wing government, and the failure of the Israeli Left to mobilize in pursuit for Palestinian justice.
The Misfits also discuss new George Santos revelations on his Jew-ish-ness, and prison blues for Josh Duggar.
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