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'Triple Threat': Earth Should Brace for Massive Solar Storm, Space Weather Physicist Says

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Aurora From ISS - Sputnik International, 1920, 12.03.2022
A solar storm occurs when any kind of disturbance takes place on the Sun - for example, a solar flare, a burst of plasma, or a geomagnetic storm.
Our planet should get ready for a "triple threat" coming from space, as a massive solar storm is expected to hit Earth as soon as Monday, 14 March, according to space weather physicist Dr Tamitha Skov.
Citing forecasts from NASA and the US-based National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Skov said that earthlings might face issues relating to the functioning of radio and GPS, especially during sunrise and sunset.
Additionally, aurora light shows can be expected in Earth's mid-latitudes, according to Skov. Usually, auroras are visible in high latitude areas, but the solar storm will offer a chance to see the light show for those living closer to the equator.
"Solarstorm & Aurora 5-day Outlook: Busy week with a triple threat! A big solar storm is coming sandwiched between a glancing blow from a previous solar storm and some fast solar wind," Skov added in a follow-up tweet.
According to NASA and NOAA's predictions, the solar storm will impact the planet for around two weeks. In its forecast for the upcoming three days, NOAA said that there is an 80 percent chance of a major storm occurring on Monday, with 20 percent of it potentially impacting the United Kingdom.
On Monday afternoon, the UK's Met Office forecast that strong winds will affect parts of southwest England and south Wales, with large waves potentially resulting in hazardous conditions to some coastal areas as well. The Met Office did not connect its warnings with the reported upcoming solar storms.
Meteorologist Scott Sutherland predicted that auroras could be visible in Canada on Sunday night due to the solar storm.

"Get ready, aurora watchers! We may see geomagnetic storms as early as Sunday night due to an immense coronal mass ejection erupting from the Sun", Sutherland wrote.

According to him, the solar storm reached Earth already on Thursday, and it may spark geomagnetic storms on Sunday night through Monday.
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