'Be Ready to Run if Needed': Visitors to Alaska's Park Warned About 'Stressed-Out' Moose

© Photo : PixabayMoose
Moose - Sputnik International, 1920, 12.01.2022
Wildlife experts say that if provoked, a moose can "seriously injure or even kill someone."
Visitors to Alaska's Denali National Park have been warned about local moose being aggressive following heavy snowfalls and freezing temperatures in the area.
The extreme weather conditions have left the local moose population "stressed out," experts said.
"With the record-breaking snow we saw at the end of December, followed by consistent -40° temps, the moose around the park are highly stressed out. If you decide to visit soon, be on high alert for moose...If a moose charges, run away!" the park wrote on Facebook.
Alaska is home to up to 200,000 moose, which can weigh more than 725 kg, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game said.
Visitors have also been warned that in snowy weather moose tracks can be hidden and the animals can suddenly appear out of nowhere.
"Keep your head up and look around before you walk out the door or around the corner and especially while walking on trails or in the dark. Moose can be anywhere and are often hard to see until you are too close," the park said in the statement.
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