Assailants Attack Female Government Officer in India's Capital Delhi, Social Media Condemns Act

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Delhi is notorious for high levels of crime against women. While the city's police insist that they have introduced a slew of measures to improve their security, the national crime records state otherwise. Last year, India's capital recorded the highest number of crimes against women among the 19 largest metros in the nation.
Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) government officer Vidushi Kapoor was attacked by scooter-borne assailants as they tried to snatch her bag in Delhi's Sangam Vihar area on Sunday.

The ugly incident happened after the attackers managed to hoodwink Kapoor by falsely claiming that her vehicle had a tyre puncture and fuel leakage.

The thugs even dragged her on the road after she wouldn't let go of her bag, leading to multiple wounds. Kapoor's son, who was travelling with her in the car, also suffered injuries in the reported brawl.
The alleged attack was condemned by several social media users, with one user tweeting "Shame on you Delhi" in Kapoor's support, while another said that "no one helps" in the city.
Kapoor serves as the deputy labour commissioner at the J&K House in Delhi. In addition to that, she is also the deputy direct officer in the union territory's Information Department.
Immediately after the attack, Kapoor filed a complaint with the Sangam Vihar police station in South Delhi.

"I wasn't expecting all this… I was just driving with my son. These boys stopped me and signalled me to check the tyre and fuel. I trusted them and parked my car near Batra Hospital. When I stepped out, I saw some tar or oil on the headlight but fuel wasn't leaking. I was confused. My son called my husband from inside the car. Meanwhile, two boys came on a scooter. I asked them for help but they didn't say anything and snatched my bag", Kapoor told the Indian media.

The J&K government officer, who has been residing in the Indian capital for the past six years, said that such incidents had happened to her colleagues in the past, but this was the first time she had to deal with a similar situation.

She even blamed the mindset of the Indian public for the rise in such cases, as people are not willing to help each other, especially when a bunch of criminals are involved.

"We hear that these incidents happen with our colleagues but don't know what to expect. I went with my instincts and pulled the bag, but they were on a scooter. They started their vehicle and I fell to the ground. I was still holding the bag but they were speeding. There was so much traffic on the road but nobody helped. I feel the public is also responsible for incidents like these. There were bike riders who could have chased the accused. My son was screaming for help but nobody came forward. It was as if everything was normal…" she added.

Kapoor claimed that she was shocked to see the brazenness of the attackers as they dragged her for 200 metres on the road.

"I was shocked that they kept dragging me. In the end, I couldn't hold the bag and had bruises all over. There was a lot of traffic on the road at that time; it was scary. The pillion rider looked like a boy my son's age. Yet, they were so confident. I guess these incidents keep happening because these boys don't fear the law and the public never acts against them", she concluded.

While the Delhi Police has registered a case against unknown persons after taking cognisance of the matter, they have failed to make any arrests so far.

"We received information that the officer had a bag on her shoulder that was snatched by the accused. A case of robbery has been registered. We are investigating the matter", police officer Benita Mary Jaiker said.
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