MOSCOW, November 10 (RIA Novosti) - Russia's Interior Ministry and other law enforcement bodies have prevented more than 200 terror acts since the year's start, Rashid Nurgaliev, Interior Minister, said in a Police Day interview with Russian-based news agencies.

As he was summing up ministry achievements of the preceding few months, Mr. Nurgaliev highlighted police and Interior troops combat against organised crime and paramilitary formations.

"We successfully detected more than 20,000 gang crimes, and arrested more than 8,500 gangsters and their chieftains guilty of grave crimes."

A recently streamlined system of controlling police patrols helped to cut 1.5-fold the number of grave and exceptionally grave crimes in the streets and public places-in particular, murders, premeditated assaults and batteries, thefts, robberies and burglaries.

Navigation satellites are used in control through digital cards, which is underway in many parts of the country. As practice has shown, the system facilitates patrol manoeuvre, and helps to get culprits red-handed.

Street video cameras and telephone agony lines are of major help, so the ministry has these devices among its top priorities. The number of trained police dogs has skyrocketed.

Police patrols and their voluntary helpers have detected more than 70,000 crimes committed in public places this year. More than 42,000 criminals on the "wanted" list were seized. Confiscation brought 25,000 firearms and 4.4 tonnes of drugs.

Finance crime detection has spectacularly improved, said the minister as reporters asked him to sum up the year's police achievements. 360,000 economic crimes, and 15,500 tax evasion and 8,000 bribe-taking instances have been detected since the year's start.

United economic environment countries-Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan-are drafting treaties to simplify frontier crossing. The documents will be soon ready for signing. The treaties will also facilitateterms for the sojourn of each country's nationals in the other three. Mr. Nurgaliev made special notice of Russian-Belarussian contacts concerning mutual migrations. Each country is working for a united migration environment within the bilateral union, he said.

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