MOSCOW, October 15 (RIA Novosti) - The makeup of the new government of Chechnya remains actually the same, Chechen Prime Minister Sergei Abramov told the press conference in Moscow on Friday.

"The main body of our team is as before. They are worthy people and top professionals", he said.

On Thursday Chechen President Alu Alkhanov appointed Abramov as the prime minister.

Asked by journalists, Abramov said that the structure of the Chechen government remains actually unchanged.

"There will be no deep-going but only minor changes made. This will let us work with a greater efficiency", he said.

As regards appointing Ramzan Kadyrov as the first deputy chairman of the Chechen government, Abramov said he likes this decision of Alkhanov.

"I'm very glad to work in his company. Kadyrov is a full-fledged leader worthy of his people. He has assumed the responsibility for the fate of many people residing in Chechnya", he noted.

The prime minister said that by 2008 Chechnya is going to build about one million square metres of housing floorspace.

"If efficient work is done, housing problems of Chechnya will be resolved in three to four years to come. The housing programme is intended precisely until 2008", he said. It is planned to build about one mission square metres of housing partially with budget financing.

"This is why much will depend on investors. We are preparing a normative base allowing businessmen to join in", the Chechen premier said.

To him, the Chechen government is going to turn from inefficient pinpoint rehabilitation of parts of Chechnya to multifunctional comprehensive building.

In 2005 building work will begin in Grozny, Gudermes, Argun. "It will be modern housing and we have announced a competition for doing building work", Abramov said.

Next year the Chechen government will begin building a set of social and cultural facilities.

"Next year we'll launch a multifunctional sportscomplex with a stadium for the Terek football club, other facilities", he said.

Abramov believes that a special economic zone can, under certain conditions, be declared in a part of Chechnya.

Specifically, "we believe that, under certain conditions, the mechanism of attracting system investors could be used in flatland Chechnya", he said.

Abramov said that in Moscow he holds consultations with federal agencies, such as the State Committee for Construction.

"We are coordinating with our colleagues in the committee the passing of some facilities in our republic in republican property", Abramov said.

To him, the agreement between the State Committee for Construction and the Chechen government on passing to Chechnya the customer's functions will be implemented as soon as this year.

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