MOSCOW, September 17 (RIA Novosti) - Nicolas Sarkozy, France's Finance Minister, is in Moscow on visit. Today, he appeared at the Russian Central Children's Hospital to see its little patients from Beslan.

"I admire treatment and the personnel's proficiency," Mr. Sarkozy said to newsmen.

"There are 28 children from Beslan among the inmates. I was at the bedside of several. The doctors say all will be well twenty days or a month later, except one child, who is under intensive care."

Psychological stress after the school hostage-taking tragedy is far worse than bodily injuries, he added.

"I talked to the kids and their parents. All said they were anxious to get home but, as we were told, many will go to the Black Sea coast to convalesce and completely rehabilitate."

Parents share hospital rooms with the little patients, which does them much good, remarked the minister.

He was profoundly touched to see a huge stock of gifts the Beslan kids are getting from Muscovites and city schools.

"As I said to our friends in Russia, we French were shocked with television footages cast from Beslan. I expressed heartfelt solidarity with Russians," said Mr. Sarkozy.

All told, Moscow hospitals presently have eighty little patients from Beslan. One, Murat Kalmanov, aged six, has a splinter wound in the left shoulder, a bad concussion, and an injury of soft head tissues. Albert Dashiev, 12, was injured with a mine blast. Kambolat Bayev, 9, has many splinter wounds, a bad burn and concussion.

The Moscow-based Russian Central Children's Hospital was established 19 years ago. It is the country's largest hospital for underage patients, with 1,025 beds, and has 32 branches for all fields of pediatrics, with token exceptions. The hospital annually caters for 13,000 patients from every part of Russia, and performs 6,000 surgical operations. School-age children need not to miss classes while in hospital-it has a secondary school on the premises.

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