MOSCOW, August 24 (RIA Novosti's Olga Semenova) - The Georgian authorities have not reacted, so far, to the note passed on Monday by the Russian embassy in Tbilisi to the Georgian Foreign Ministry regarding the more than one-week-long hooligan action by local computer programmers, the embassy's press attache Yevgeni Ivanov told RIA Novosti by telephone.

"The embassy respects the Georgian citizens' right to hold demonstrations and meetings allowed by the authorities. However, we protest against the utterly unacceptable in any civilised society rude and insulting form of expressing opinion by demonstrators, of which we have notified in yesterday's note to the Georgian Foreign Ministry", the official spokesman for the Russian embassy said.

Yevgeni Ivanov said that the day-and-night "siege" of the Russian diplomatic mission by Georgian web fiends has been on since August 17.

"By their action they are not only preventing normal work of the embassy at day time by transmitting music and insults through loudspeakers but also not letting officials and their family members who live in the building of the diplomatic mission sleep at night", Yevgeni Ivanov said.

"The laser beams with which the action participants are 'writing' their insulting messages on the walls and windows of the embassy have been preventing our officials' sleep for a week and it is not known how this 'colour music' will tell on their health", Yevgeni Ivanov said.

He stressed that, just after the web fiends began their doings, the embassy turned to the Georgian low-enforcement agencies but of no avail.

"The Georgian ambassador to Russia has also been notified of the impermissibility of the Georgian demonstrators' actions. This has produced no result, just as our yesterday's note to the Foreign Ministry of Georgia", the press attache said.

He voiced regret that the Georgian colleagues are not reacting to the violation of item 2article 22 of the 1961 Vienna convention On Diplomatic Relations (it says that the house country bears the special responsibility for taking all the proper measures to protect the mission's premises from whatever invasion or damage, preventing whatever disturbance of peace of the mission or harm to its dignity).

Yevgeni Ivanov did not comment on a possible reaction of the Russian embassy in case the Georgian authorities go on ignoring the impermissible situation surrounding the building of the Russian diplomatic mission.

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