TBILISI, June 3 (RIA Novosti) - On Friday, June 4, the Georgian parliament is going to consider the statement on the set-up in the zone of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict. In the opinion of Georgian parliamentarians, now is the time for active steps to be taken for full-fledged settlement of the smouldering - since 1991 - conflict.

"Demonstration of force can prompt resolving the conflict by peaceful methods", said Maya Nadiradze, chairperson of the parliamentary faction of the ruling party National Movement-Democrats. "Nobody would like to talk to weaklings and they are always turned back on. But everybody would like to be friends with the strong and clever. Demonstration of force can indeed prompt peaceful settlement", believes the Georgian hawk parliamentarian.

To Nadiradze, "Georgia's failing in its time to fill its quota in the mixed peacekeeping forces in the conflict zone is more than laxity. At this stage, we are trying to change something, protect our compatriots and observe the conditions set from the very beginning", she stressed.

In the opinion of another representative of the same faction, Gigi Bokeria, "the presence of a strong democratic state helps in settling any regional conflicts. A strong democratic state intends, particularly, the existence of civilised and strong army, obeying political and civil control", he noted.

"The filling of the quota fixed for the Georgian peace-keepers in the zone of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict is an element of what is evidence of Georgia's development as a strong state, which it was not a short time ago", Bokeria said.

General secretary of the party New Right-Wingers David Saganelidze,

representing the parliamentary opposition and a member of the faction Right Opposition: New Industrialists, thinks it right that "Georgia is demonstrating readiness to rebuff any country or a group of persons harassed by separatist ideas". In his opinion, "Georgia will never have a better timefor final settlement in the Tskhinvali region (Georgian officials' name for the abolished autonomy - the unrecognised republic of South Ossetia). The prime obligation of the new leadership of Georgia is the earliest resolving of this question".

However, Saganelidze is "far from the idea that ways and methods for resolving this problem should be the same as in Adzharia. I support the Georgian leadership in what is called restoration our lost lands. Although I represent the opposition, I declare that I side with our leadership in the settling of such problems. I like it that the authorities of Georgia have begun active work in this direction", he noted.

The deputy believes that, alongside rehabilitation of the Tbilisi-Tskhinvali railway, the motor road Tskhinvali-Oni is to be put back in use. "It will be the central route of great importance for the transportation of different cargoes", he said.

"The first channel of Georgian television resuming regular news telecasts in Ossetian is very good. But I believe that all the necessary equipment should be located in the Tskhinvali region to begin telecasting Georgian channels", he proposed.

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