- International Women's Day. The decision to celebrate this day annually was taken at the second international conference of socialist women in Copenhagen in 1910 on the proposal of Klara Zetkin (celebrated in Russia since 1913, by the UN since 1975).

- In the CIS countries, International Women's Day is celebrated in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine (in Armenia, canceled in 1990, restored in 2001, in Georgia canceled in 1994, restored in 1996, in 2002 declared state holiday), Uzbekistan.

- 1844 - 160 years ago, Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte died (born in 1763), French Marshal, the founder of the Swedish dynasty of Kings Bernadotte.

- 1869 - 135 years ago Hector Berlioz died (born in 1803), French composer, music writer, conductor, the creator of the romantic program symphony ("Fantastic Symphony"), an innovator in the field of music form, harmony, orchestration; along with Richard Wagner, he created a new school of conducting.

- 1879 - 125 years ago, Otto Hahn was born (died in 1968), a German radio chemist and physicist; his main works are devoted to research of radioactivity; he discovered a number of isotopes and a new radioactive element - protactinium, together with F.Strassman discovered the fission of uranium nuclei under the influence of neutrons.

- 1924 - 80 years ago diplomatic relations were established between the USSR and Greece (first diplomatic relations between Russia and Greece were established in 1828).


- 1722 - 282 years ago, on Peter I's decree constant weather monitoring started.

- 1914 - 90 years ago Yakov Zeldovich was born (died in 1987), a theoretician physicist, academician; one of the founders of the modern theory of combustion, detonation and shock waves, author of fundamental works in nuclear physics, elementary particles physics, astrophysics, the modern relativistic cosmology.

- 1921 - 83 years ago, the tenth congress of the RKP(b) (Russian Communist Party of Bolsheviks) that adopted a decision on transfer to the new economic policy (NEP) opened.

- 1923 - 81 years ago, the Society of Air Fleet Friends was founded - the first USSR's mass voluntary public organization to assist aviation development.

- 1968 - 36 years ago, the Soviet diesel submarine K-129 sank in the Pacific Ocean during combat patrolling. By different data, 98 to 105 seamen died.

- 2001 - 3 years ago, from Cape Canaveral a Discovery shuttle with Russo-American crew (commanded by Yuri Usachev) was launched to work at the International Space Station (ISS).

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