VLADIVOSTOK, February 19 (RIA Novosti correspondent Anatoly Ilyukhov) - Yesterday evening Russia's training frigate Nadezhda (Hope) making its voyage around the world passed the longitude of Vladivostok thus sailed the world round and left 40,640 miles behind.

As the Vladivostok State Sea University told RIA Novosti on Thursday, the sailing-ship was at the Philippine Sea in coordinates of 14 degrees and 29 minutes of the northern latitude. 390 days of the voyage were left behind the stern.

At the formal finishing Nadezhda was going at about 12 knots. The weather was cloudy, the temperature was +27(centigrade, the wind blew at the rate of 15 meters per second.

Everything is going according to the schedule, without any accidents, the source in the Vladivostok State Sea University said. Students are taking tests. The first exam is due March 1.

Nadezhda will keep its course. Its arrival in Hong Kong is expected on February 24.

During its world voyage the frigate has crossed the Equator thrice, the Sea University says.

The State Sea University sailing-ship started its round the world voyage in Vladivostok on January 25, 2003 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the first world voyage headed by Ivan Krusenshtern and Yury Lisyansky. The names of the boats were Nadezhda and Neva. The route of the present Nadezhda has been maximally close to the one of its predecessor.

On board the frigate in line with the crew and the Sea University students there is a group of scientists engaged in carrying out research of ecological problems and processes of the World Ocean.

Nadezhda has already covered 80% of the route and is expected to come back to Vladivostok late in March.

During the first stage of its voyage, Nadezhda made its way to St Petersburg through the Pacific and Indian Oceans, Suez Canal and the Atlantic Ocean.

After taking part in the celebrations marking the 300th anniversary of the St Petersburg foundation, the frigate headed for England, then - Canaries, Brazil, Falklands, Chile, Tahiti, Fiji and Solomon islands.

On its way to Vladivostok the sailing-ship stopped in the ports of China, Japan and South Korea as well as Hong Kong.

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